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March 14th – March 15th 2014.

REACT ALUMNI FORUM, Canj, Montenegro


The implementation of REACT Alumni Forum will be a contribution to raising public awareness about the concept, importance and the advantages of Montenegro’s membership to NATO. A two-day REACT Alumni Forum will gather Montenegro alumni from Regional Euro-Atlantic Camps 2008 to 2013 (www.reactmontenegro.me). The aim of this activity is to improve public support towards Euro-Atlantic integration processes in Montenegro through coordinated efforts of all participants of REACT, especially those who are decision makers currently highly ranked in the Government of Montenegro, Parliament, political parties, universities, NGOs, media and business sector. This event will be used to form a strong, multilevel NATO supporting network which would contribute to stronger promotion of Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro